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at apotheca

Thursday December 12th at 6pm

at Apotheca Flowers, 24C Main Street, Goffstown NH

with local kombucha guy, Brian mazur of glen lake libations

Kombucha is commonly intended as a beneficial lifestyle beverage, where consumers are seeking an alternative to sugary and/or artificially-flavored beverages. Enjoy a wonderful beverage experience with potential health benefits e.g., support for healthy digestion, therefore healthy gut and microbiome, primarily derived from the kombucha’s inherit probiotics, antioxidants, organic acids, enzymes, and so forth!

Kombucha elegantly has only four main ingredients, e.g., high-quality organic tea, organic raw cane sugar, filtered water and SCOBY “symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast” culture with some starter fluid.

We will begin the class by talking about what kombucha is, what it's not, the origins/history and legends as well as the potential health benefits of drinking it.

Then, we will talk through the step-by-step process of making it at home. For example, you start, by boiling water to steep your tea, take the steeped tea and add sugar to create your sweet tea (nutrient tea base), then add your SCOBY and starter liquid (inoculant), cover, and place in a dark (out of direct sunlight), warm, ventilated, undisturbed location to brew for 7-21+/- days … depends on desired taste.

Once the first fermentation period is done, you may choose to add flavor to the kombucha using fruit, herbs, spices, etc. Mazur personally likes anything sweet with some heat, e.g., Mango and Habanero. To flavor the beverage, let the fruits or herbs sit in it for one to three days. After that, it’s ready to drink.

After talking through the process, we will hold a Q&A time. There will be some physical examples of kombucha going through the 1st and 2nd fermentation stages as well as some finished kombucha for people to taste.

Lastly, each person will go home with instructional handouts and a FREE 32-oz container of kombucha. There will also be a chance to win a FREE home-brew kombucha kit (valued at over $100).  

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