artist ambassador &
Lead floral designer

Talking about his perfectly curated vintage/thrifted outfits.

Overheard saying:

Cold Coors Banquet, Clove Cigars, & Thrifting.


Designing florals, displaying art, + connecting with our amazing customer community!

Frequently seen:

"You Just Gotta Keep Livin' Man, L-I-V-1-N."

favorite quote:

"Apotheca has always been a creative beacon and a space for growth - not only for myself, but for many others. I love deeply that it's a second home for many people in our community. I cherish the connections l've made between our consignment artists & loyal customers everyday- they are like family to me! Alyssa has created one of the greatest and grooviest changing spaces ever. It's allowed me so much self expression and personal growth! "

Favorite thing about apotheca:

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