Inspiration is a foundational element here at Apotheca--we believe it can change the course of a day, or even the course of a lifetime. When you step into our space, we want you feel inspiration vibrating off the walls, we want you to take a piece of it with you when you go, and we want you to remember it when you sit in your own spaces and go about shaping a beautiful life.  

Apotheca Events takes this concept a step further by inviting you to create with us. Whether it be a Terrarium & Tea Workshop in our house or yours, a Wreath & Wine Respite, or a full blown three day retreat...we want to be your resource for creative refueling. Do you have an event or party of your own in mind? We have lots of options. Shoot us an email for more info.

Take a moment to peruse our upcoming events! Whether you stop in to admire local art during one of our Artist Receptions or you sign up for a workshop to learn a new skill in painting or plants or flowers, we hope that we can share a little bit of the joy of creating and inspire you to go make beautiful things! 

Terrarium Workshop
August 24th
7:30pm - $49

Artist Reception
Steph Devino
September 1st

Intro to Chalk PaintĀ® by Annie Sloan
September 28th
7pm - $89




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