Apotheca is a space that is committed to inspiration, to never underestimating the power of kindness, and to seeing and sharing the tiny bits of life that matter most. We are a cafe, gift, and flower shop serving Goffstown New Hampshire and all of New England. Hang out for a spell! We are glad you're here.

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Apotheca offers our customers a full espresso bar, delicate loose leaf teas, as well as cold brew. In addition to our drink menu we serve sweet and savory pastries, light breakfast and lunch options.

The Apotheca Team loves our people, and nothing makes us happier than when folks take time-out to pop-in. Whether you are looking for a place to relax, meet up, share, work, or start or end your day, we are so grateful when you include us! With window seats, antique couches, armchairs, and our community tables, there's always room to settle in; but breezing on through is ok too! Either way, we want you to feel the good vibes in our bright, plant filled space; and we hope you leave inspired by our special gathering of artisan goods.



Inspiration is a foundational element here at Apotheca. We believe it can change the course of a day, or even the course of a lifetime. When you step into our space, we want you feel inspiration vibrating off the walls, we want you to take a piece of it with you when you go, and we want you to remember it when you sit in your own spaces and go about shaping a beautiful life.  

Apotheca Events takes this concept a step further by inviting you to create with us. Whether it be a Terrarium & Tea Workshop in our house or yours, a Wreath & Wine Respite, or a full blown three day retreat...we want to be your resource for creative refueling. Do you have an event or party of your own in mind? We have lots of options. Shoot us an email for more info.

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